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Subject: Fast Cash Stripper Part 1: The HookThe following story contains graphic sexual scenes between young males. If
material of this nature offends you then you should not read this story.
Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states you are not
allowed to read this story by law.This story is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to person's living
or dead, or to events that may have occurred, is purely coincidental.The author claims all copyrights to this story and no duplication or
publication of this story is allowed, except by the web bbs img lola ru sites to which it
has been posted, without the consent of the author.The author's complete set of stories can be found here:
Comments and suggestions are welcome and you can e-mail them to
MarianasDeep3hushmail.comFast Cash StripperI made some fast cash, but it sure was more than I bargained for.
I ended up with a belly full of cum, a lingering taste of cock in
my mouth, and a sore, leaking ass as I rode my bike home.The HookWell, who did I bargain with? Not the same as any of the ones who
fucked me that night, but I'd rather it had been him, and only him,
at least for that first time. See, he was my friend Lewis, and 14
like me. The one who fucked me for my first time was a lot older
and experienced.At 14, hormones were new, and I wasn't sure if underage bbs illegal lolitas I was attracted to
girls, or "boys like Lewis". What's a boy like Lewis? Athletic as
in ripped, but on the skinny side, not buff, not even as buff as
some of our other classmates. I knew boys like that stirred me
sexually, but I had no idea why, or what I would do with one if one
signaled his acceptance, or even came onto me. I guess I knew a
blowjob was possible between guys, but there was no way I was gonna
give one, and asking for one, outside of joking about it, wasn't an
option. Girls were a turn-on too, but at that age they all seemed
so out of reach. They were all more "mature" than we were, at
least they thought so. The sexually mature were all dating high
school guys. But all I knew is I wanted something, anything, other
than jackin' off, which I had been doing for about a year `til
then. I really wanted to try fuckin' a girl, but I'd settle for
gettin' a blowjob from one. Who wouldn't? But that was the hook."Hey Mark, I've got a way to get you some fast cash for that board
you want. If you want, you can probably get a blowjob too," Lewis
said to me one day when we were skating.We were a group of skaters, but this was way before they were
called that. Lewis was sorta our undeclared leader. He was
definitely the more outgoing of us. underage bbs illegal lolitas We called him Scooter the
Recruiter because he was always recruiting new friends into our
group. It seemed our circle of friends all had builds like him.
We were a younger version of the modern skater--lean, trim, tight-
assed--but we wore tight jeans that barely showed whitey tighties.
Skateboarding was a new concept in those days, thus rad skateboards
were really expensive, and no one wore boxers yet. The shirts were
off though, and at the end of a long afternoon, skating with my
tanned toned friends, I was left with strong hormones and confused
urges.Though Scooter's comment was directed to me, it was in earshot of
some of the others, so I was oung kids lolia nude surprised they didn't enter into the
usual sexual joking banter. Caddyshack had just come out, so I
expected to at least hear "Yeah, wanna make $50 the HARD way?"
Instead there was only the sound of the others skating
uninterrupted. So I assumed it was up to me to be the smartass:"WTF? Are you asking if I wanna make $50 the HARD way?""No, it's not like that. I'm serious." Scooter responded taking me
aside.Well of course I was now intrigued, "Wassup?""My uncle owns a club on the outskirts of Vegas. It's
strip club. Lots of nude girls. Get my drift?" Scooter asked
trailing off with a laugh."Yeah, totally, but how do we make money? You have to be 18 to get
in there, right?" I asked back."Well, yeah, but Wednesday night is boys' night." Scooter replied."They let boys in on Wednesday nights?!" I asked incredulously."No...well yeah, sorta." He looked at me to see if I was getting the
drift, which of course I naively wasn't. "It's a night where they
let men dance nude for women...," trailing off again, then adding
under his breath, "... and other men."I didn't know such a thing existed, but I was still more
dumbfounded about my original questions, so I asked again, "How do
we make money, as bus boys or something? And how do you get in
there if you're not 18? A fake ID?""Well, you're probably going to want a fake ID...but you don't need
one." Scooter said. I continued to look perplexed. "You see,
they let under-aged boys dance...," then he added as I still looked
perplexed, "... you know, strip.""Nude?!" I was shocked, "How is that legal if you can't even get
into the joint?""Well, it's not ...the boys can only strip to their underwear.
Kinda weird law in Vegas where they let boys entertain men...but only
to a point.""Men?" I asked surprised."er, women...well women and men. I just don't want you to be
surprised by a mixed crowd. You petite lolitas nude pics can imagine queers are into it
too.""Well, I'd rather get in with a fake ID...", and as I slowly began to
realize that stripping to your underwear wasn't just a ticket in, I
sounded naive to confirm my suspicion, "How do we make money?""Stripping," Scooter bluntly answered. "Look, my uncle pays $50
dollars a dance, and there's 5 dances each Wednesday, free hentai lolicons comics 9 pm to 2 am.
You could have that board and more in one evening!""You dance for 5 hours?...Alone in front of everyone?" still trying
to figure out how this all worked."No, we finish each hour following the men. You only dance for
about 15 minutes each time. You can make $250 in a single night,
mostly sitting around! Are you in?""Who's `we'?" I asked, "Who am I with?""Well, me for one. There's about 10 of us. We dance together on
the stage.""You've done this before?" I looked shocked, but at the same time
very interested. The thought of seeing Scooter dance in just in
his underwear was really starting to excite me, but of course I
kept that to myself."Yeah, don't be such a prude. It's fun!" free hentai lolicons comics
Scooter said. Fun? I
was wondering if Scooter got sexually excited about such prospects
like I was getting."Who else?""Ahh, you wouldn't know them, don't worry," he replied,
anticipating my anxiety about being found out by my friends,
especially the skaters buzzing around us beyond earshot."Do I need the fake ID swedish loli model pics to get in?" forgetting that he said I
wouldn't need one, but would want one.Scooter knew he had me roped and tied now, so he added the details
and some enticements to bag his catch, "No, you just show up around
the back of the club and I'll let you in. We're not on until 9:45
pm after 2 male revues, but I need you there no later than 9 pm. I
gotta train you to dance, and there's the paper work. You need the
fake ID if you want a blowjob. Remember the blowjob?"How could I forget the blowjob, but I did, "Why the fake ID? ...
Blowjob from who?""A member of the audience ...say, some chick who digs your dance ...may
want to meet you backstage afterwards. If you're willing. You
have to be willing, and you have to be an adult for that." When he
knew I was now bagged, and I obviously had no idea where I would
get a fake ID, he added in an excited tone, "Hey babe, you'll be
dancing for your supper! ... I can get you an ID, just give me a
wallet size of your last school picture."He told me to tell my parents I was staying at his place, that his
Dad would cover for us, and then gave me directions. Or rather a
bus-line and bus-stop to get there, telling me I would need to
bring my bike on the bus to ride an additional couple of miles to
the club. Jeezus Christ, where was this place? Bumblefuck?
"Can't I hitch a ride with you?" I asked."My uncle wants me there early to help him set up for the night.
He doesn't want dancers there until the place is ready, especially
new ones. See you there?" and when he saw my nod he added
something, "One more thing, take this on Tuesday night." He
reached into his pocket and pulled out what looked like a chocolate
square from a box. As I took it, I saw it had letters etched into
it, but I didn't read them, and it wouldn't have mattered anyway.
I was clueless."What's this?""It's a kind of chocolate. It'll make you horny Wednesday night."
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